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class-up_party_184.jpg (27820 bytes)

I took this picture during our class up party.  We had no idea how much we were going to hate carrying those ----ing boats.

kevin_class_up_184.jpg (57287 bytes)

Just enjoying a beautiful Coronado Saturday.  No, that is not Diet Pepsi in my cup.

bay_bridge_rainbow.jpg (32653 bytes)

I know they say it never rains in SO CAL, but my first week of training, it seemed like it rained every day.  This is a rainbow shot above the Coronado bay bridge.

boot_camp.jpg (34123 bytes)

"C-900, Dive Company ....Sir"
I hated those damn uniforms.

Web_post_hell_week.jpg (34182 bytes)

This shot was taken just minutes after "Hell Week" was over.

billy_bones_92.JPG (47340 bytes)

Enjoying some free time at the infamous  "Billy Bones" 
 Watering Hole).    

kevin__eric_92.JPG (38134 bytes)

As if I didn't get enough of "Wet -n- Sandy" through the week.  My roommate and I loved to surf.  Check out all the duck tape on my long board.

kevin_NAB_Coronado.JPG (62285 bytes)

The UDT-SEAL "O-Course".
The best seven minute work out you will ever need. 


Naval_Special_Warfare_Center_92.JPG (36068 bytes)

An aerial shot of NAB Coronado.  This picture must have been taken in the 80's because it looks like the SEAL TEAM 5 building and the existing climbing tower were under construction.  

spec_war_b.jpg (26930 bytes)

I took this shot on a beautiful Saturday morning, with Point Loma in the background.

cocktails_at_billys.jpg (31974 bytes)

My Brothaaaaaaah!!!!!!
Having a few cocktails at "Billy's"

hotel_del_coronado_1992.jpg (36397 bytes)

This is a shot I took of Hotel Del Coronado.  If you ever find yourself in the San Diego area, you owe it to yourself to visit this beautiful and historic place.

cast__reacovery.JPG (27610 bytes)

Cast and Recovery

hotel_del_rocks.jpg (22644 bytes)

Posing on the "Rocks" out in front of Hotel Del Coronado.

KH_1992.jpg (21849 bytes)

Just hanging out in my rack.  I wore that sweat shirt everywhere.

SEAL_TEAM_1_rainbow.jpg (37316 bytes)

A giant rainbow leading to a pot of gold right in the middle of the SEAL TEAM ONE compound.


OHungrys_1992.jpg (28853 bytes)

Yet another night testing beer for a local establishment.  O'Hungry's is an Irish Pub in old town San Diego.  It's still there and I highly recommend a visit if the opportunity ever presents itself.

helo-extract.JPG (29800 bytes)

This shot was taken during the Fourth of  July celebration in 1992.  Our Command was tasked with putting on a "Capabilities" show for the local public.  In the background is the Bay  Bridge.

spec_war_a.jpg (19986 bytes)

Sitting on my gear drying cage, watching the sun set out over the Pacific .  That tall building in the background is the parachute drying loft at SEAL TEAM ONE .

tres_amigos.jpg (21011 bytes)

I call this shot "Tres Amigos"
I spent just about every second of my time in the Navy with these two guys.  From C-900 all the way to my discharge. 

4587.jpg (99692 bytes)

"Misery Love Company"


5689.jpg (176562 bytes)

Another photo mama would be proud of.  It is customary to do obnoxious things with your hair, right before it gets shaved off.

3.jpg (148179 bytes)

Terrorizing the local golf course.  This photo would make my dad sick.  (He is a Marshall at St. Peters Municipal Golf Course)

4.jpg (166896 bytes)

Hanging out on the wall.  A fine spot to watch for beautiful young women walking "OUR" beach.

The Critic.JPG (210445 bytes)

Last, but certainly not least.  I got this type written note in the mail right after I got hurt.  My mom knew how hard I worked to get where I was and sent this to me in an envelope with nothing else.  It  makes me proud to think of how she responded when her baby boy was not at the top of his game.
This poem was written by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1910.  God Bless You Mom.



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