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Kevin Robert Hennen, Born September 8, 1969 (St. Louis, MO)
bullet Graduated From Rosary Catholic High School (North St. Louis) In 1987.
bullet Graduated From Bailey Technical Institute In 1989 Specializing In Boiler Technology.
bulletIn The Fall of 1989 I Started Working For A Boiler Service Company Out Of St. Louis.
bulletWhen  Sadam Hussein Invaded Kuwait In The Fall of 1990 I Enlisted In The United States Navy. 
bulletI Entered The U.S. Navy On The Last Naval Special Warfare Diver Billet For The St. Louis MEPS Office.
bulletI Was Assigned To C-900 Dive Company / Naval Recruit Training Command, Orlando Florida As A Recruit Diver, For Basic Training.
bulletAfter Graduating From Basic Training With C-900, I Was Assigned To U.S. Naval Gunnery School At Naval Training Command, Great Lakes.
bulletIn 1991 I Graduated From U.S. Naval Gunnery School (Specializing In Small Arms & Ballistics).
bulletAfter Gun School, I reported to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training "Class 184" Naval Special Warfare Command, Coronado California.   
bulletAfter Experiencing Injury To My Left Knee And Stress Fractures In Both Legs, I Was Discharged  From The United States Navy In Late 1992.
bulletEven Though It Broke My Heart  To Leave Naval Special Warfare, My Time In The Military was The Most Challenging And Rewarding Thing That I Have Ever Experienced.  
bulletAfter My Time In The United States Navy, I Returned To Work For My Previous Employer As A Boiler Control Tech In St. Louis.
bulletOn new years Eve 1992, I Met A Beautiful Nurse That Truly Tripped My Trigger..........................  Two Years Later We Were Married.
bulletMy Wife Grew Up On A Farm In Golden, IL.  After Getting Married In 1994, We Built a House Just  South Of Where Her Mom And Dad Still Live.  
bulletMy Wife And I Have Three Wild And Wooly Children, Two Dogs And A Cat.  
bulletIn The Fall Of 2000, I decided that I Needed A Bit More Of A Challenge So I started My Own Boiler Company "Hennen Boiler Services, Inc."

In January 2008 I became an FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger and started Blackhawk Parachute Rigging, LLC


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